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Annual Gay Sport Zürich Sea Lions’ Lake Crossing

The 18th annual Gay Sport Zürich Sea Lions’ Lake Crossing

The 18th annual Gay Sport Zürich Sea Lions’ Lake Crossing will take place on July 21st, 2018. It will be followed by the usual brunch and dinner.


Lake crossing + Brunch & Dinner CHF 120.00*
Lake crossing & Brunch CHF 60.00*
Lake crossing only CHF 30.00*
Brunch only CHF 35.00
Dinner only CHF 65.00

Payment: The amount has to be transferred in advance to the bank account of

GSZ Gay Sport Zürich
8000 Zürich
IBAN: CH58 0070 0112 6000 0822 8

*Including: Access to Wollishofen’s beach, lake crossing, personal belongings transportation, and lifeboat monitoring.

How it works

Friday evening Juli 20st


Finalization of the registration / Join us for a get-together and a toast to the event at the well-known “Cranberry Bar”. The organizers will of course be there at your disposal for any assistance you may require.  

Saturday morning Juli 21st: Start im Strandbad Wollishofen

09:00: Meet at Strandbad Wollishofen, Seestrasse 451, 8038 Zürich
09:45 Warmup
10:00 Starting signal

Finishing line The first swimmers are expected to reach the other shore (Tiefenbrunnen) around 10:30. Beware that your time will only be taken into account until you touch the stair handrail at the finishing line. The arrival of the last swimmers will be followed by a brunch. Do not forget to bring your brunch voucher with you.

Kleidertransport We kindly ask you to only take one piece of luggage with you. Please drop off your bag at the designated area. We organize the transportation of your personal belongings from Wollishofen to Tiefenbrunnen but we cannot be held liable for the loss of any valuables you might be carrying along.

Viewers and accompanying swimmers We are also looking forward to welcoming many viewers and swimmers’ companions. Unfortunately, we cannot offer free access to the beach for those coming to cheer for and watch our swimmers. 

And in the evening…. Dinner at the popular Tamarind Hill Restaurant. One of the best restaurants in Zurich. Jimmy and his team are looking forward to hosting you: Schaffhauserstrasse 360, 8050 Zurich.

19:00 Welcome drink
20:00 Dinner (including starter, main course & dessert / Vegetarian and gluten intolerant friendly / A few options will be offered)


The lake crossing is a sports event for experienced swimmers. You decide on your own whether you are fit enough to swim across the lake. Traditionally we do not use neoprene suits, should you wish to wear one, it is allowed. Please be aware that you swim at your own risk. To bring with you A (preferably small) easy-to-seal bag for the transportation of your clothes, as well as swimming suit, goggles, and warm clothing. We do not recommend you to take any valuable items with you.


It will be decided together with the water police and the SLRG (Swiss Life Saving Society) on Wednesday before the event, whether the lake crossing will take place. You will receive an email, in which you will be informed about the decision. For safety reasons, the water temperature must reach at least 21 °C in the center of the lake. The brunch in the lido Tiefenbrunnen will take place under any circumstances (i.e. even if the sports event itself would need to be cancelled).
Swimming Caps
Right before the start you will receive a colored swimming cap, which, for safety reasons, you must wear until you arrived at the finish.
Number of Participants
The maximum number of swimmers is 150. For each 10-15 swimmers, a support boat with a lifeguard of the SLRG (Swiss Life Saving Society) on board will be provided.
You swim at your own risk and you decide on your own if you are able to swim 1800 m (~ 1.11 miles) at the actual water temperature and under the given weather conditions. The lake crossing is a sports event for experienced swimmers. The organizer will not incur any liability for damage of persons or property of any kind. Insurance is the swimmers' own responsibility.


The time for each swimmers will be recorded and ranking lists by age categories will be issued. A medal ceremony will be organized to reward the 3 first finishers of each category. 
Race numbers
Your race number will be provided in the email with the confirmation of your registration, on the printed list at the registration site and at the start. Timekeeping will be performed manually.